Wooly Nylon I-Boss - Sorcery Manufacturing

Wooly Nylon I-Boss - Sorcery Manufacturing


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Sorcery Releases the NEW I-BOSS Reel

  • 10 Mind Blowing Routines
  • 50' of Superior Quality Wooly Nylon Invisible Thread
  • Online Video Instruction and Refill Install Instructions
Amazing Retraction Distance for its small slim easy to hide design!

We are so happy to bring you this Amazing Device at this incredible Price, regular Retail on the Boss reel was $39.97, this is the best Quality you can buy anywhere for this low price of only $15

You can do the Amazing Floating Ring Routine!

You can do the Amazing Haunted Pack Card Routine!

You can Float a Dollar bill and walk away, showing your hands completely empty!

Do yourself a favor and find out why this is the best value of Any levitation product you can buy anywhere! We are the Company that invented this product and we have close to 20 years of experience building these!